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About the Emili Lab

The Emili Group uses powerful proteomic, genomic and bioinformatic technologies to generate groundbreaking molecular ‘connectivity’ maps. 

About the Emili Lab

Human health and development depend on dynamic networks of physical, and functional, interactions between proteins, but the identity, composition and structure of the myriad of multiprotein ‘machines’ required by all essential cellular processes still largely unknown. Indeed, despite rapid progress in genomics and interaction mapping in simple models like microbes, by us and others, it remains unclear which proteins associate together to form the different cell types and tissues of the body or how these networks go awry in important disorders like cancer, neurodegeneration or cardiovascular disease. These questions form the basic focus of the Emili research laboratory.


Our Research

The Emili group’s research interests are diverse, but are generally centered on the exploration of the macromolecular networks in normal and diseased cells and tissues to reveal the fundamental mechanistic basis of biological systems.


Physical and functional interactions between gene products are essential to the formation and regulation of biological processes, while their disruption underlies pathology. Yet despite rapid advances in genomics, we still do not know which genes/proteins work together to support human health and development, or which interactions are altered in major diseases like cancer, neurodegeneration and heart disease.


To tackle these key questions, the Emili lab has assembled a productive, motivated and innovative research team to harness our world-class infrastructure and unique expertise in biochemistry, molecular biology, and systems biology to characterize molecular interaction networks with exceptional coverage, reliability, and mechanistic significance.



Our team consists of enthusiastic and motivated scientists who focus on discovery of the macromolecular networks underlying biological systems.

We are always looking for talented, passionate and dedicated people to join our team. Discover today where you and your bright future fit in with the Emili Group.



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